Confetti Bomb
Confetti Bomb
Confetti Bomb
Confetti Bomb

Confetti Bomb

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  • 2 ply polyester organza and 2 ply nude cotton. Organza is a low density fabric, while beautiful for photos on its own, we strongly advice wearing it with the filter for added protection. 
  • Irregular glitter shards sewn in between organza layers for easy washing and durability
  • Origami fabric fold at nose with seam to create air pocket space for comfort 
  • Tapered dart under chin for closer fit
  • Soft adjustable elastic ear bands
  • Treat this mask as you would a delicate, handwashing is the best.
  • Add a squirt of detergent to a washbasin or sink filled with cool water.
  • Submerge the item and gently agitate the water with your hands to evenly distribute soap. Soak for up to 30 minutes.
  • Rinse well by running cool water through the item until the water is no longer soapy.
  • Do not wring. Instead, press the water out and let dry.